WOO HAH! Festival 2019 at Beekse Bergen

This page only contains information on how to book fixed accommodations for the WOO HAH! Festival 2019. If you already booked an accommodation you can find more info below.


On Friday 12, Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 July 2019 the WOO HAH! festival will be held at Beekse Bergen events site in Hilvarenbeek, the perfect getaway for hiphop lovers.

Visitors to the festival can stay at Holiday Park Beekse Bergen and Safari Resort Beekse Bergen. Visitors who want to stay at the holiday park campsite in their own tent can order a weekend ticket incl. campsite via the website of Ticketmaster. Via ticketmaster you can also order tickets for Camp WOO HAH! a luxury upgrade with pre-pitched tents.

During the festival Holiday Park Beekse Bergen will be free of cars, it is not possible to park your car next to your accommodation. Two parkingtickets for the WOO HAH! parkting are included within your order. This parking is in walking distance from your accommodation. When booking the Group Jungalow, Group Lodge or Group Jungalow Plus you will get four parking tickets for the WOO HAH! parking. If you are you travelling to your accommodation with more cars you will need to buy separate parking tickets for each car. All prices, terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of this page. If you stay at Safari Resort Beekse Bergen, cars are permitted for loading and unloading. Once all your belongings have been removed from the car, the car can be parked at one of the parking areas at the Safari Resort.

During the month of July bookers of the accommodation will get more info via e-mail with travel information, general info about the booking, opening times and house rules. In the meantime feel free to read  the FAQ via the WOO HAH! website here.

Please note: the tickets for the festival will be sent to your mailbox no later than 4 weeks after payment. The tickets are sent to the same e-mail address you made the booking with. During the booking you will need to order all the necessary festival tickets for you and your travelparty, keep in mind that the maximum amount of festivaltickets you can order is the same as the maximum number of persons allowed in the accommodation.

Please note: this festival will take place at short notice. When you make a reservation, you are obliged to make the payment within 2 weeks.

WOO HAH! Festival 2018 aftermovie

Prices and terms and conditions

By booking with Holiday Park Beekse Bergen or Safari Resort Beekse Bergen, you agree to the park regulations for the WOO HAH! package as well as the general terms and conditions and house rules of Holiday Park or Safari Resort Beekse Bergen and WOO HAH! You also agree to the deposit procedure terms.

Please note: a booking for an accommodation is final and cannot be canceled.

Holiday Park Beekse Bergen 
The prices shown include final cleaning costs and a reservation fee but do not include:

  • Local taxes: €2,20 p.p.p.n.
  • Deposit for accommodation: €200.00 (€500.00 for Group Jungalows)
  • Bed linen where applicable: €4,95 p.p. (except for bungalow tents)
  • Preference costs where applicable: €22,50

The Kids Jungalow has the same facilities as the Jungalow. The only difference is that the Kids Jungalow has extra articles for children and the terrace is enclosed with a fence.

Safari Resort Beekse Bergen
The prices shown include final cleaning costs, a reservation fee, bed linen and making up the beds but do not include:

  • Local taxes: €2,20 p.p.p.n.
  • Deposit for accommodation: €200.00 (€500.00 for the Group Lodge)
  • Preference costs where applicable: €22,50

The Ndebele Lodge has the same facilities as the Lodge. The only difference is that the Kids Lodge has extra articles for children and they are all situated in a yard enclosed with a little fence.